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Our ideal client:

Our ideal client has a strong desire to accelerate current results by improving the performance of the organizations employees and leaders.

Proven track record:

RAC Consultants and Coaches have been fortunate to work with and bring value to a variety of types and sizes of organizations including Fortune 500 organizations as well as government and non-profit. We have helped Companies who are on top of their game, in transition, and in challenging times, but the objective is always the same—better, faster, measurable results. The results are defined by and are unique to the client organization. RAC Client list


Client Comments: 

“I was frustrated!  We had hired some people and promoted others into new leadership positions, but we just weren’t getting the results we wanted.   In talking with Bob, he quickly touched the core area where we struggled, but had no solutions.  So we immediately hired Bob to help us move our business to the next level. Bob conducted interviews and assessment tests of the key leaders in the company.  After in-depth review of our team, we came to the conclusion that our leaders needed training, coaching and guidance to help them grow into their new leadership roles.

Bob delivered an excellent leadership development program that focused on people skills, productivity and time management. We now share a common leadership model and have tools that we are using to improve performance and drive results.   Bob’s leadership development knowledge, expertise, and practical experience were extremely valuable. His facilitation and training skills made the learning experience valuable for all.

I highly recommend Bob for coaching, staff evaluation, leadership training and coaching.  He’s easy to work with and very diligent.”

David Davenport,  CEO

MotherG, LLC


“I worked with and around Bob for well over 10 years. Bob’s commitment to developing reports, peers, and virtually anyone who simply asks for his assistance, is without equal. Time and again, I witnessed Bob put in extra time, thought and energy to provide thought provoking insights or seek out opportunities to benefit other employees who took an interest. While a bit cliche, Bob’s entire professional life has been largely devoted to helping others perform better and develop, even when Bob has been in roles not specifically requiring such attention. Bob regularly demonstrates a high work ethic, exceptional interest in his employees (and their families), and a dedication to strong and successful performance. I would highly recommend Bob be considered for a wide range of opportunities based on his commitment to success and team development.”

Bruce Hagan,  CEO


“Bob was hired by to provide leadership training for our entire management team.  The room was filled with all levels including experienced executives and recently promoted managers.  Bob did a wonderful job at facilitating and teaching without overpowering the conversation.  His material was sound and there were plenty of fun team building exercises mixed into the training.  Our entire team grew as a result of the training and the feedback was exceptional across the board.  We learned leadership fundamentals and really developed our goal setting skills.  Bob provided a great format for learning and really allowed the group dynamic to thrive.

In addition, we engaged Bob to provide pre-employment assessments for all perspective employees.  The assessment covered motivators, behavioral comfort, and cognitive abilities.  I found the assessment quality to be highly effective and would recommend this approach to all hiring managers.  Bob provides consultative feedback on each candidate and really becomes a valuable part of the interview team.

Overall, Bob is very likable and engaging HR consultant.  He is a remarkable trainer that truly understands the job of the facilitator.  I highly recommend Bob for all employee training and employee assessment activities.”

Mike Alaimo

Senior Vice President HR & Recruiting


“Thank you so much for all your help these past several months!  You’re training was awesome and has really helped me become a better team lead and has helped me reach my personal goals.  I would recommend your training to anyone I know looking to enhance their leadership skills.  Your material was engaging and I truly looked forward to meeting with you every week.”

Mary Lampard, Recruiting Team Lead

Trans-Tech IT Staffing


“I have had the opportunity to work with and to learn from Bob on several occasions.  He is an exceptional individual with a deep passion for personal learning and growth.   His ability to adapt learning styles to help others understand how to grow and develop sets him apart.   Bob’s strengths to work with a variety of different personalities, to exhibit inspirational leadership, and to display genuine passion to help  improve people and processes are assets that can help any organization focus on the delivery of business value.”

Dan Metz, Senior Manager, Business Systems

W W Grainger



“Bob is a student of continuous improvement and is always looking to bring the voice of the customer into all his projects. Bob is a fast learner who asks great questions and is willing to try new ways so long as the customer’s issue is included in the decision-making. Bob is a great team play demonstrating inclusion and he works to bring the best out of the team he works on. Outside of work, Bob is active in Boy Scouts of America as an Assistant Scout Master and I have seen him coaching youth boys in Soccer. Bob’s warm personality reflects his overwhelming desire to do the best he can in everything he does.”

John McDermott,  Change Agent and Leadership Professional 

W W Grainger


“I have had the pleasure of working with Bob for over 10 years. Bob has a strong customer service focus and is a extremely collaborative business partner. He is a strong leader, a true professional and I have always valued his experience and expertise.”

Lynn Green,  Leadership  Development Program Manager

W W  Grainger