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Great Leaders Hire Great People

Ever make a bad hire? Most leaders have. If you are like me you don’t want to relive the experience!

Hiring new people is time consuming and difficult. Many Leaders dread it but  leaders at all levels need to recognize and own the hiring process. It is a powerful opportunity to strengthen their team and improve performance results!

Spending time up front to get real clear about what you want and need from this position is critical. Ask yourself questions like:

1. “How does this role support the strategy?”

2. “What knowledge, skills and abilities must this person have to be successful?”

3. “What knowledge, skill, or experience gaps do we have on our team that this person could help fill?”

4. “What values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are required to effectively fit into to our culture?”

When you get the OPPORTUNITY to hire. Get it RIGHT!

Contact us if you would like help evaluating candidates or setting up your hiring process.

Inspired by Randy Conley’s article  The One Responsibility a Leader Can’t Delegate.

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