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The Secret to Leadership Development

As I continue to study Leadership and look for both the core leadership competencies and the key differentiators that separate great leaders from good leaders and bad leaders, I have become keenly aware that there isn’t one magical formula. Every Leaders journey is unique.

There are at least three factors that govern and impact our ability to develop our leadership skills!

1. DNA – DNA creates many different and unique blueprints and since leaders are people they each have their own unique blueprint and that includes their leadership style. Although different and unique I believe there is more than enough potential for each individual to successfully lead regardless of their preferences for introvert, extrovert, analytical or emotional, writing or speaking, etc.

2. Environment – As we know our environment definitely influences how we interpret the world, and what knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes we develop to survive and then succeed. Although a lot of this programing takes place subconsciously when we are young it can be nurtured, influenced and redirected.

3. Free Will – This is an incredible gift. We can select and or build a leadership model that values where we have been, what we have already developed and where we want to go. It requires honest self assessment and awareness, a vision for what you want to be, and a commitment to continuously learn and grow.

The Leadership journey is personal and yet it requires us to seek wisdom and feedback from others!

Are you making progress on your Leadership journey? Would you like to have a partner who understands the process and helps you create the Leader you want to be? As my guide told me yesterday “I’m not the sage on the stage I’m the guide by your side”. If you would like a guide call me at 847-687-1552 or reach out to me by email at Bob@PFCCgroup.com.

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