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Career Planning: It is your career. Use the Me Inc. Process to get results!

Team Coaching Session

assmnt-resultsIn today’s world of work there is a lot of cynicism, distrust and fear. Many people are unemployed or not sure where they stand with their customers, their boss or their Company. They are concerned about their families and their future.  The old contracts and agreements between management and labor are changing and in some cases gone. Bottom line. It is very hard to think straight and take action in this kind of environment and doing nothing will negatively impact your quality of life and health.

Well I don’t have a magic wand and I can’t guarantee success but I can provide some guidance on how you can gain more control over your job search, your career and your life. I want to introduce you to a career management model you can use to take charge of your career.

Starting right now you need to think of yourself as “Me Inc.”.  You are probably thinking, “That’s it…. That’s your big idea?”.  The answer is yes because the Me Inc. mindset will help guide you to success. It will help you ask the right questions, determine what you want to do, set meaningful goals, develop the right skills, talk to the right people. Create your resume, tell your story, and put yourself in a position to get what you want and need.

It is a powerful tool but it takes courage and commitment. You have to take the lead, be honest with yourself and others, and do the work.

I can’t walk you through the whole process here but I can give you a feel for how the process works.

When you think of yourself as Me Inc. you have to think like a business. A business exists to make a profit.  It can only do that if it has customers who are willing to pay  for its products or services a fee that covers the costs of operation (including salaries) and generate money for reinvestment.

Me Inc. thinking leads to the asking of lots of incredibly important questions just like a good business plan:

Why Me Inc.  Mission, vision, objectives, beliefs, customers, stakeholders, and deliverable

Me Inc. Products and Services: What are my skills and abilities? What are the products or services I currently can provide or want to provide in the future? How good am I at delivering these products and services?

Me Inc. Marketing Questions: Who needs these services and what is the market like? How many workers are needed? How many workers are trained and ready to do the job?  Where are these jobs located? How can I differentiate myself from the others to improve my chances of success?

Me Inc. Financial Income Questions: What is the going price for the products or services I can provide? What is my earning potential? How can I increase this?

Me Inc. Financial Expense Questions: What are my fixed and variable expenses? What standard of living do I want and what will it take to live that life style?

Me Inc. Life Balance Questions: Work is only part of your life. Who are the other key people in my life? What commitments and responsibilities do I have to them? What do I need as a person to feel successful, whole complete?

These are just some of the questions that Me Inc. thinking raises. Answering them takes time, thoughtfulness and the courage to face challenges head on, and to make decisions.

But here is the key. Using the Me Inc. model puts you in charge.  That doesn’t mean you are guaranteed success, or that you will get everything you want.

But it does mean you will be gathering the data, making the decisions and creating the plan that will help you determine your future.

Getting started on this journey can be tough and many people need a coach to help guide them on the journey. The Coach can guide you through the process and make sure you’ve fully answered the key questions and understand the impacts of your choices.

If you would like to know more about working with a Coach please email me at bob@pfccgroup.com